Alfredo Volpi

Alfredo Volpi ( Lucca , April 14 of 1896 – São Paulo , May 28 of 1988 ) was a painter Italian-Brazilian regarded by critics as one of the most important artists of the second generation modernism . One of the characteristics of his works are the linesmen and hamlets.


Self-taught, he began painting in 1911, executing murals decorative. Then he worked with oil on wood, consecrating themselves as master user tempera on canvas. [1] [2]

Great colorist, explored through the forms, magnificent compositions of great visual impact. Together with Arcangelo Ianelli and Anja de Sousa Mendes formed a triad of skilled colorists, focus book called 3 Colorists, written by Alberto Beuttenmüller (Ed. IOB, July 1989).

He also worked as a painter decorator in homes of São Paulo society of the time, performing work of artistic decoration on walls and murals along with Antonio Ponce Paz , Spanish painter and sculptor who soon became a close friend of Volpi.

Held his first solo exhibition at the age of 47, exhibiting at Hall and May 1st. Exhibition of Artistic Family, in 1938 in the city of São Paulo. [1]

In the 1950s evolved into geometric abstraction , as exemplified by the number of flags and flagpoles to Jerk . He received the national award for best painter in the second Bienal de São Paulo in 1953. Attended the first Exhibition of Concrete Art in 1956.

Not officially belonged to the Grupo Santa Helena , but always went to visit his friends who participated officially as Mario Zanini and Grindstone Francisco , located at Praça da Sé in São Paulo. They were part of Grupo Santa Helena the following artists: Aldo Bonadei , Clovis Graciano , Fulvio Penacchi and Ernesto de Fiori that had great influence on the work of Volpi. [1] [2]

In 1927, Volpi met his great love, a waitress named Benedicta of Conception, nicknamed Judith, with whom he had an only daughter Eugenia. It is almost certain that Judith has been a model for the painting Mulata (1927). [3]

On 14 April 2013 , Volpi was honored with a Doodle on the homepage of Google Brazil .

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