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The Boston Red Sox (Boston Red Sox) is an American Major League – Baseball team from Boston , Massachusetts . They currently play in the Eastern Division of the American League . The club plays its home games at the stadium ” Fenway Park “and has a loyal following. Although the fan base is strongest in the northeastern United States, there are a large number of fans, which is to be found scattered throughout the United States, which earned her the name “Red Sox Nation.”

The old stadium Huntington Avenue Grounds in Boston the World Series in 1903

The team was founded in 1893 in Toledo in the State of Ohio founded in 1900 and moved to Boston. 1901 and 1902 they played under the name Boston Americans (referring to the American League). From 1903 to 1906, she played under the name Boston Pilgrims. It was called at that time also, or simply The Boston Boston Baseball Club. Received only in 1907, the Red Sox their official name. 1912, the stadium now occupies “was Fenway Park “in downtown Boston inaugurated. In 1904, the first time it was mentioned the stadium.

By 1920, the Red Sox were the most successful team in the two major leagues. From 1903 to 1918, she won five times the World Series . In 1919, then-owner Harry Frazee, some of the best players on the New York Yankees to sell. The most significant was the sale in early 1920 by George Herman “Babe” Ruth , also called “Bambino” and widely recognized as the best baseball player of all time. Since Transaction from the history of the two clubs has changed dramatically.
Curse of the Bambino
Red Sox in 1916, the most successful period in the team
Fenway Park in Boston , the stadium of the Red Sox

The so-called Curse of the Bambino (Curse of the Bambino) became the slogan for the supposedly hapless fate of the Red Sox. The term was created by Ruth’s nickname. Looking back on the history of the franchise since 1920, the term was familiar to the marketing of books and television programs.

What is certain is that Boston won the title in 1915, 1916 and 1918 with the help of Ruth, while the Yankees are not playing in the World Series. After the sale of Ruth to the Yankees 26 times the team won the World Series in the next decades, while the Red Sox won the title again in 2004. However, Ruth was not the only player that was sold, and in 1921 also the coach of the Red Sox was acquired by the Yankees.

The legend is based primarily on the events and mishaps that led to the Red Sox lost the World Series several times or missed a place in the playoffs:

1949 – In order to move into the playoffs, the Red Sox had only one of their two remaining games against the Yankees to win, but lost both, ironically, under the leadership of Coach Joe McCarthy , the coach of the Yankees before that seven times for World Series title had helped.

George Herman “Babe” Ruth in 1914 with the Red Sox

1975 – In the World Series the Red Sox faced the Cincinnati Reds , whose former nickname “The Big Red Machine” of the 1970s highlights their successes. Luis Tiant won games 1 and 4, but after five games, the Red Sox fell behind 3 games to 2. It was followed by Game 6 in Boston, a game that the biggest, if not considered as one the biggest game of baseball playoff history. A 6:3 residue was purified by a three-point home run by Bernie Carbo 8th inning balanced. At the end of the 12th Hit innings Carlton Fisk a long ball towards the leftfield post about the Green Monster. Carlton Fisk waved his arms as he can so direct the ball on the right side of the post. The ball landed on the field side of the post and secured the Red Sox to 7-6 victory. But the Red Sox lost Game 7 in Boston on 22 October before 35,205 spectators, despite an early 3-0 boss with 3:4 and missed again winning a World Series.

1978 – The Red Sox seemed well on the way to reach the playoffs. After a dramatic chase the Yankees were caught up to the season finale and it had to decide who was allowed into the playoffs a play in Boston. The Red Sox led 2-0 in the late innings as Bucky Dent , one of the weakest players in the Yankees, a 3-run home run scored and thus decided the game for the Yankees.

Julio Lugo Red Sox jersey

1986 – The Red Sox played in the 1986 World Series against the New York Mets and led three games to two. In the sixth game, the Red Sox would bet their two-point lead in the second half of the 9th Innings and allowed the Mets to catch up. In the 10th Inning the Mets scored points by a slow ground ball that under the glove and between the legs of Firstbaseman Billy Buckner rolled through. Thus a crucial Game 7 was scheduled, in which the Red Sox once again bet their management of three runs this time.

In February 2002, John Henry and Tom Werner bought the Boston Red Sox, Fenway Park, and 82% of a regional sports channel for 660 million U.S. dollars. At the same time they took over liabilities, which amounted to about 400 million U.S. dollars. This set a new record for the purchase of a major league baseball team dar. Theo Epstein was at 28 the youngest general manager in the Major Leagues. Together, they managed to put together a team of superstars within the next two years. At the same time the Red Sox, the team with the second highest payroll behind the Yankees were.

2003 – The American League Championship Series between the old rivals from Boston and New York was 3-3 and the Red Sox led 5-2 in the 8th Inning in Game 7 Boston coach Grady Little decided to leave Pedro Martinez in the game launcher, although there were clear signs of his fatigue. The Yankees managed to draw level in the 11th and Inning Aaron Boone managed to achieve the decisive home run. Again, just like in 1978, it was one of the less powerful Yankee player who dreams of Red Sox Nation on the achievement of a shock 2003 World Series destroyed.

Fans accomplished superstitious acts to break this curse. In addition to the burning of various objects belonged to, inter alia, the placement of a Red Sox cap on the top of Mount Everest . There was also the myth that (the last time that must be achieved in order to score a point) would burn the old contract, with which Babe Ruth sold on the field at Boston’s Fenway Park to Mitsommersonnenwende right above home plate at the time had been.

In the 2004 season, the Red Sox had the worst result ever plug in a 12:22 defeat against the Cleveland Indians . Finally the curse is considered broken, since the Red Sox a few weeks later won the 2004 World Series. Whether the contract was burned by Ruth in 2004, is not known.
World Series in 2004 and 2007 profits
Cup of the 2004 World Series
David Ortiz (center) 2006

According to the 2003 American League Championship Series against the Yankees, it was decided not to extend Grady’s contract and hired Terry Francona to. Epstein could undertake in winter Curt Schilling as a pitcher. However, he does not succeed, Alex Rodriguez to undertake. Rodriguez is currently regarded as the best player in the world and was ironically bought shortly thereafter by the Yankees.

At the end of the 2004 season, the Red Sox were three games behind the Yankees in the American League East, but still participate in the playoffs was the wild card of the American League secure. In the first round where they beat the Los Angeles Angels in three games. This was followed by another meeting with the New York Yankees. The Red Sox lost the first three games of the series and 4:3 were back in the 9th Inning in Game 4 The Red Sox managed something that was usually reserved only their enemies: They pulled the same and won with the help of a two-run home run by David Ortiz in the 12th Inning 6-4. In the evening they brought it again lagging behind and won in the 14th 5:4 inning. Curt Schilling won the sixth game for the Red Sox. He had injured the ankle against Anaheim and played a lot of pain, because he had just undergone a makeshift surgery on his ankle began to bleed and his sock was red. The Red Sox won the decisive Game 7 10:3 and moved into the World Series. It was the first time in the history of Major League Baseball, a team caught up a backlog of three games – along with the four subsequent games of the World Series – won eight games in a row. Quick comeback was celebrated as the best of its kind in the history of professional organized sports in the United States.

The opponents of the Red Sox in the 2004 World Series were the St. Louis Cardinals . It was they who had beaten the Red Sox in the World Series in 1946 and 1967. However, the Red Sox also took this rather mental, hurdles and won four games in their first title in 86 years. On 30 October, the city of Boston, a parade, despite the rainy weather appeared to over three million people. As one of only a few teams at all the Red Sox were after winning the championship of the magazine Sports Illustrated for Athlete of the Year chosen.

In the following season (2005), the Red Sox went on smoothly and as reigning champion lost in the first round of the playoffs with three out of three games against the Chicago White Sox (called a sweep or clean sweep of the White Sox). Only in 2006 did the third division ranking was achieved, and thus missed the postseason.

2007, however, the Red Sox won the World Series with a 4-0 win against the Colorado Rockies , having previously been the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 3-0 and the Cleveland Indians could beat 4-3.
Since 2008

2008 , the Red Sox could not defend her title again. They arrived in the AL East behind the Rays the wild card and thus the post-season and could safely against the Los Angeles Angels, the American League Championship Series to reach, but there were subject to the Tampa Bay Rays in seven games.

2009 has also reached the postseason behind the Yankees about the Wild Card scheme, where, however, the season ended with a clear 0-3 defeat against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim .

In the season 2010 , the Sox had a series of injuries to key players, both the Yankees and the Rays in the division so beaten and missed the first time since 2006, the post-season.

2011 , despite a tour with nine games of the postseason seemingly secure site yet playful with only seven wins and 20 defeats to the great disappointment of the supporters in the last month season, which led to separation from long-term manager Terry Francona.

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