David Storl

David Storl (* July 27 1990 in Rochlitz ) is a German shot putter . In 2011 he was at the world championships in South Korea Daegu as the first German world champion in this discipline. At age 21 he became the youngest up to that world and European champions in the shot put and the first shot putter who carried both titles simultaneously.


David Storl is 1,98 m tall and has a contest weight of about 120 kg (February 2012). [1] He starts for the LAC Chemnitz natural gas and is used by Sven Lang trained. By 2010, he attended the prestigious High School Sports Chemnitz . Since September 2010 he is at the Federal Police employed.
Early years

Storl grew Seelitzer district Döhlen on. [2] He began his athletic career as a multi-event athlete at VfA Rochlitzer mountain , but focused on the death of his former coach from 2006 to the shot put. [3]

In 2007 he won the U18 World Championships in Ostrava with the 5-kg ball. With his victories length of 21.40 m, it improved the German Youth B record of Ralf Bartels by two centimeters. [4] At the Junior World Championships in 2008 in Bydgoszcz , he won with a distance of 21.08 m the gold medal in the shot put with 6 -kg ball.

On 13 June 2009 Storl scored in the DLV Junior Gala in Mannheim two junior world records . In the second attempt, he pushed the 6-kg ball on 22.18 meters, surpassing the eleven year-old record of Croats Edis Elkasević by 22 centimeters. Thus Storl was the first youth who could overcome the 22-meter mark. In the third attempt, he again rose to 22.34 meters. [5] Four weeks later, he improved the record by another 39 centimeters to 22.73 meters. [6] Shortly after he won the European Junior Championships in Novi Sad with a width of 22,40 m, a new event record, and with over two meters ahead of the second placed Ukrainians Mykyta Nesterenko . [7] junior national coach Dietmar Chounard designated Storl as “talent of the century”, and former German top athletes such as Udo Beyer and Franka Dietzsch showed by impressed with his performance development. [8]
Establishment of the adult population

In the summer of 2009, Storl began to establish itself in the adult area with the 7.25-kg ball. At the German Championships in Ulm , he finished with a width of 19.84 m to third place behind Ralf Bartels and Peter Sack . Just one day later, on 6 July 2009, he was another U20 world record, this time with the 7.25-kg ball. With 20.43 meters he excelled in Gerlingen the eleven-year-old record of South African Janus Robberts by four centimeters. [9] On 3 August was the German Athletics Federation (DLV) Storls nomination for the 2009 World Championships in Berlin known. [10] There, however, he left already in the qualification round.

In the German Indoor Championships 2010 in Karlsruhe Storl was second, increasing its Hallenbestleistung to 20.77 m. Thus he succeeded in qualifying for the World Indoor Championships in Doha , where he worked with a width of 20.40 m finished in seventh place in the final. Even outdoors, he secured second place in the German championships in Braunschweig . At the European Championships in Barcelona , he finished fifth. In September 2010, fell ill on Storl mononucleosis . It was not until the end of February 2011, he was at the German Indoor Championships in Leipzig return to competition mode. He won with a 20.70m width the title ahead of Ralf Bartels and filled both the qualification standard for the European Indoor Championships in Paris . [11] There, he had to give Bartels did beat again, but won the second place with 20.75m its first international medal in the adult area.
Rise to the world class

In the outdoor season in 2011 Storl, Bartels began the position of the leading German Kugelstoßers to be contested. In June, he first defeated Bartels at a competition in Kassel , and shortly thereafter in Gothenburg , where he overcame with 21.03m for the first time the 21-meter mark. [12] So he sat down in the meantime to place eight of the world’s top list and third in the Europe’s top list. He subsequently received by the DLV preference in the nomination for the European Team Championship in Stockholm . There he won the shot put with setting the championship record of 20.81 meters in front of the Polish Olympic champion Tomasz Majewski and the Belarusian champions Andrei Mikhnevich . Still later he renounced not a week on a start in the German Junior Championships in Bremen , where he recorded with 20,53 m as expected for the third time in a row a comfortable victory. Also in the U23 European Championships in Ostrava , he was the clear favorite at the start. In the final, he made two unsuccessful attempts before he avoided a premature end with a kick to 19.79 m. In the fifth attempt, he rose to 20.45m. Thus Storl won the competition with more than a meter ahead and improved the championship record by one centimeter. A week later, he won the German Championships in Kassel with 20,35 m.
David Storl at the U23 European Championships in Ostrava

Increased at the beginning of August Storl meeting world class behind the dike in Cuxhaven his personal best 21.05 meters. Thus, he scored a European record of the U23 age group. [13] services in this age group, however, be submitted to the competent bodies irregularly for ratification. Therefore Storl ranked with his shock actually only on the tenth of the leaderboard. The unofficial best performance in this age group held at this time Ulf Timmermann with 21.75 meters, achieved in 1984 in Potsdam . [14]

At the 2011 World Championships in Daegu Storl go again several bests. With 21.50m, the furthest impact of all participants in the qualifying round, he moved into the finals. There he took over 21.60m in the second experiment, the lead before the Canadian Dylan Armstrong supplanted him in the fourth round with 21.64 meters on the second rank. With his sixth and final attempt, however Storl could with 21.78 m pass back to Armstrong and thus securing the gold medal. [15] He left all seven athletes behind him that had lain before the finals in the world’s top list in front of him, including the four former world champion Andrei Mikhnevich, Adam Nelson , Reese Hoffa and Christian Cantwell . During the world championships, he increased his personal best by 73 centimeters. In the eternal German leaderboard he climbed from 13 to third place. Only Ulf Timmermann (23.06 m) and Udo Beyer (22.64 m), the ball had been pushed further. In the age group U23 Storl but now both exceeded final.

A week later succumbed Storl the shot put competition during the World Class Zurich to World Cup participants Armstrong, Ryan Whiting , Hoffa and Majeweski. With 21.23 meters and 40 centimeters behind the winner, he finished only fifth. [16] All of its four valid trials were about 21 meters. Even four days later at the ISTAF in Berlin, he came up with 20.64 m of the fifth square. [17] When DecaNation it ranged 20.30m to win.
Olympic Season 2012
European champion David Storl with Rutger Smith (left) and Asmir Kolašinac (right)

Storl opened the 2012 season with a victory in Nordhausen, where he increased his Hallenbestleistung by almost half a meter to 21.24 meters. [18] In the German Indoor Championships in Karlsruhe, he defended his title with a new personal best of 21.40 m successful. He also suppressed the Poles Tomasz Majewski of the first rank of European’s top list. [19]

At the World Indoor Championships in Istanbul Storl be increased in the first qualification to 21.43 m. In class final, he went in first attempt with 21.88 meters in the lead with 22.00m before even referred him to the American Ryan Whiting in the fifth attempt to second place.

Storl opened the outdoor season with a narrow victory over Tomasz Majewski in Halle launcher days. However, in his next competition, he fell short of expectations. Also at the German Championships in Bochum- he remained under the 21-meter mark. With a length of 20.96 meters, he defended his title successfully.

Also because with Tomasz Majewski and Maxim Sidorov waived its two strongest competitors to participate, Storl went at the European Championships in Helsinki as the clear favorite at the start. With a length of 21.58 meters, he celebrated a comfortable win.

At the Olympic Games in London, he increased his personal best to 21.86 meters, winning the silver medal behind Tomasz Majewski.

Storl encounters in the Angleittechnik . It is lighter than many of its direct competitors and achieved significantly lower maximum force values. After his second place finish at the 2012 World Indoor Championships Storl said: “I come in at 230 kg squat and bench press at 190 There are putters that provide 60 pounds more. ” [20] This ostensible disadvantages he compensates with his speed and his excellent technique. In the motions him his all-round education will benefit as more fighters. The former world champion Adam Nelson said of him: “I’ve never seen anyone with his right foot as the body brings Storl better upwind so fast.” [21]

Three times – 2007, 2008 and 2009 – David Storl was with the Chemmy Award for best young athletes from Chemnitz, 2012, and in 2013 he received the award for best athlete of the year. In 2011 he was named the European Athletics Association EAA to the European Athletics Rising Star. [22] He was also honored as Saxony’s Sportsman of the Year in 2011. [23] The Silver Bay Leaf, with which all the medalists of the Olympic team will be honored, he was denied because he, as in November 2012 it was announced in early 2011 had shot with an air rifle at a dog

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