Detroit Tigers

The Detroit Tigers are a Major League – Baseball team of the American League . The club plays its home games since 2000 at Comerica Park in Detroit , Michigan from.


As a founding member of the American League the Detroit Tigers in 1901 took on the game mode. The year 1905 was then a first high point in its history. On 30 August 1905 denied Ty Cobb his first game for Detroit. Until 1928 he remained loyal to the team and break some records of Major League. From 1907 to 1909, the Tigers won with their manager Hughie Jennings three of the American League Championship title in a row, but subject in the first two years of the Chicago Cubs , in 1909 the Pittsburgh Pirates in the World Series . An outstanding record showed the Tigers still 1915, but despite 100 wins, it was only enough for 2 Place in the American League behind the Boston Red Sox .
Ivan Rodriguez of the Detroit Tigers at bat

By 1934, the Detroit Tigers were only mediocre performance and could not continue the success at the beginning of the century. Only with the commitment of Mickey Cochrane of the Philadelphia Athletics changed this. Under Cochrane, who as a catcher and manager worked, the Tigers reached the World Series twice. Against St. Louis Cardinals they lost in seven games, but against the Chicago Cubs in 1935 it should reach first World Series win. In six games, the Tigers had the upper hand. Under Del Baker as manager could be reached the playoffs again in 1940, but against the Cincinnati Reds were lost in seven games.

A curiosity was then the season 1945. As the Washington Senators their stadium for football games set available, they had their game plan set up so that their season just a week earlier had ended than the other teams. So they had to watch a fight this week, as the Tigers have to get passed them in the table and were able to win the American League title. Encouraged by these events defeated the Tigers, led by their manager Steve O’Neill , the Cubs in the World Series 4-3.

Many talents then played in the next 20 years with the Tigers (including Al Kaline ), but sporting success could not be found. Only in 1968 would change this again. Mayo Smith was the manager of the team in Denny McLain its outstanding pitcher had. With 31 victories, he became the first pitcher since Lefty Grove in 1934 could surpass the mark of 30 victories. To this day, this was not achieved. In the World Series to beat the St. Louis Cardinals 4-3.

After the introduction of the divisions in baseball in 1969 the Tigers reached the playoffs for the first time in 1972 under manager Billy Martin , but subject to the Oakland Athletics with 2:3. Sparky Anderson took over as manager in 1979 directed the Tigers for the next 16 years. Two American League Championships and a World Series title could be celebrated at this time. 1984 were after the victory over the Kansas City Royals , the San Diego Padres in five games defeated in the World Series. The shortstop of the Tigers, Alan Trammell , was selected the MVP of the World Series. 1987 reached the Tigers last time the American League final, but subject as the Minnesota Twins . As a consequence, the Detroit Tigers were only found in the middle of the American League. In 2006, the Tigers made ​​it back to the World Series , but lost 1:4 against St. Louis Cardinals .
Regular Season

Halfway through the season, the Tigers still had a negative balance game (39-42). In the second half of the season, they played much better and delivered a fierce battle with the Chicago White Sox to the table top. On 1 October, three day before the end of the season, the Tigers secured a 6-3 victory over the Kansas City Royals to win the AL Central Division. This was the first title defense of the Tigers in the Central Division and the first consecutive participation in the post-season after 1934 and 1935. The Tigers finished the season with a record of 88-74.

On the final day was Miguel Cabrera , the AL Triple Crown , as he led the three most important statistics. Cabrera had a batting average of .330, 44 home runs and 139 RBIs. Since Carl Yastrzemski in 1967 could no longer be awarded this award in the American League.

In the 5th Game of the AL Division Series against the Oakland Athletics scored Justin Verlander in a 6-0 11 strike outs and allowed only four hits. With the win, the Tigers won for the second consecutive year the AL Division title.

In Game 1 of the ALCS, the Tigers were the first team that in a post-season game, a 4-point lead or more in the 9th Inning playful and yet won. They scored points twice in the 12th Inning and won 6-4 at the New York Yankees . With four wins in four games in the AL Championship Series, the New York Yankees were ” swept “to the 11th AL champion title and won their way into the World Series will be secured.

The first three World Series games went against the San Francisco Giants lost. Since the Tigers lost Game 4 with 3:4 after 10 innings, the first sweep was perfect since 2007 in the World Series.

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