Harley-Davidson Model 1

The Model 1 was the first mass produced motorcycle of the U.S. manufacturer Harley-Davidson . The purchase price was 200 dollars , 38 pieces were made, [1] 8 in 1905.

William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson in 1903 developed the first prototype of a motorcycle. The engine was under the system De Dion Bouton constructed, had a displacement of 167 cc and contributed about 2 hp. Since Harley Davidson and the power were not happy in 1904 the engine to a displacement of 405 cc (bore 76 mm, stroke 89 mm) raised. From this pre-production model made ​​two copies.

In 1905, the Model 1 was first produced in series. The engine underwent over the preproduction one engine size of 440 cc (26.8 ci ). Here the stroke remained the same, the bore was enlarged to 79.4 mm. This engine with 6-volt battery ignition rendered at a compression ratio of 4:1 with the self-developed 22-mm carburetor over 1 hp more than the pre-production models. As was customary at the outlet was only controlled the intake valve was a poppet designed. The 84 kg light motorcycle rolled on 28-inch wheels, the wheelbase was 1295 mm. The unsprung bike frames of the prototype and pre-production models of the two remained the same. The model was delivered in black with red lettering and gold trim lines, the Davidsons Aunt Janet Davidson painted by hand. [4] to start the bike on the bike pedals was begun, was stopped by ignition cut and coaster brake .

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