Latin American

Hispanic is every one person born in Latin America , ie the group of people who are either descended from people from countries in Latin America.

The idea of Latin America is often confused with that of Hispanic , [1] but the second group comprises only those with origins in Spanish America .

In the United States

In the United States , is a socio-racial classifications used by the census , being analogous to a racial group . This decision was widely criticized since 1994 , four years before entering into force. [2] Currently, Latinos are one of the largest minorities in the U.S. population , but there is some difficulty in classifying someone as Hispanic, especially when this person presents physical appearance different from stereotypical pattern, which is that the Latin American people are blended, the skin brown, hair black and features many Africans and Indians, due to the high degree of mixing occurred in Latin America through the centuries.

For some Americans, however, this is not very well understood, since the company had historically American indexes miscegenation low and a very small portion of Americans (non-Hispanic) today descended from Amerindians . This is demonstrated in the film in movies contemporaries such as The Plague (comedy) and Crash – No Limit (drama), who come to mock the fact that some Latin Americans sometimes are seen as white , sometimes as black , and sometimes as a separate group.

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