Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (formerly the California Angels and Anaheim Angels) are a Major League Baseball team in the American League . The club plays its home games at Angel Stadium in Anaheim , California from.


Long years had tried to Los Angeles, a team of the region American League to get to California. In 1940 should the St. Louis Browns make their way to the south, but the owners of the other teams in the American League did not allow the change. 1942 should take place in exchange. A game plan with a team in Los Angeles was already established, but the attack on Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941 made any major league sports impossible in California. The Browns were talking again in 1953, but changed to Baltimore . Even the Washington Senators and the Philadelphia Athletics were talking, but again, nothing was concrete. So did Los Angeles in 1957 due to the move of the Brooklyn Dodgers to the West for his first MLB team from the National League .

A team from the American League in Los Angeles was made possible by the expansion of the leagues of 10 teams in 1961. First owner of the team was the Country musician Gene Autry , who actually wanted to buy only the broadcasting rights for the new team, but was persuaded to take over the team completely.

Autry team called the Los Angeles Angels, originally the name of a team in the California League in 1892. Also, a team led the Pacific Coast League Los Angeles Angels by the name 1903 until 1957. The team moved to Spokane . Walter O’Malley , the owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers , still had rights to the name, the Autry bought from him for $ 300,000.

The first year was quite successful for an expansion team, the Angels won 70 games, a record still valid for a league rookie. In their second season they have been involved for a long time in the American League title race, on 4 July 1962 they led to even the table. At the end of the season was the third place, 10 games behind the New York Yankees back. Bo Belinsky threw this season on 5 May the first no-hitter in the history of the Angels. 1964 winning pitcher Dean Chance of the Cy Young Award for the Angels.

On 2 September 1965 announced the team owners, that the team now because of his move to Anaheim California Angels would be now. With the move, the audience rose significantly, were last year in Los Angeles is nearly 570,000 in the Games, it rose in the new home to over 1.4 million.

In 1970 won Alex Johnson currently the only Angels player’s batting title in the American League. Other notable players of the time were Jim Fregosi , Ken McBride , Albie Pearson , Buck Rodgers and Leon Wagner .

The largest part of the 70 was connected for the Angels with average performance. The major exception was the signing of Nolan Ryan , who threw four no-hitter for the Angels and broke many other records. 1979 Ryan had a record of 16 wins and 14 defeats. The former general manager of the Angels, Buzzi Bavasi , Ryan allowed the status of free agents , what Bavasi later designated as the biggest mistake of his life. This year, the Angels won the American League West for the first time, Don Baylor was the MVP voted the American League. Against the Baltimore Orioles , but they lost in the ALCS with 1:3.

In 1982, Reggie Jackson to the Angels. With him, the Angels could again win the AL West, led the American League Championship Series against the Milwaukee Brewers already 2-0, but lost the last three games. In 1986 were the Angels another division title with manager Gene Mauch celebrate, Wally Joyner and Chuck Finley had played a big part. Against the Boston Red Sox led the Angels 3-1 victories, would in turn requires only one win from their three Spielem, but subject again three times.

After this season the Angels followed for 16 years without a play-off participation. In August 1989, she had another big lead, but this playful yet against the Oakland Athletics .

In 1995, the Angels also had a big head start in August, but also broke out due to a back injury problems and were at the end points with the Seattle Mariners . In a play, the Mariners kept 9:1 with the upper hand. After the death of Gene Autry in 1998 took over Disney Company , which was previously only part owner, the management of the teams. Even the name of the team changed again, since 1997 called themselves Angels of Anaheim.

2002 saw the most successful year of the Angels. Under manager Mike Scioscia , Californians won 99 games and the American League wild card could be secure. Against the favored New York Yankees then sat down in the American League Divisional Series 3-1 by the Minnesota Twins to beat in the championship series 4-1. Now for the first time in its over forty year history, the Angels had the World Series reached. Opponents in a purely Californian finals were the San Francisco Giants with their superstar Barry Bonds . In a dramatic 2002 World Series in 7 games, the Angels kept the upper hand. As a crucial point of the success of Game 6 is considered. The Angels were in the seventh inning with back 5:0, the final eight outs away from defeat. With 3 runs in the seventh and eighth inning, the Angels turned the tables around and still won the game 6:5. In the seventh game, the Angels then won 4-1. Troy Glaus was named World Series MVP. Einwechselwerfer Francisco Rodríguez , who had previously never get credited the victory in a major league game, won five playoff games and pitcher John Lackey became the first rookie , one of the World Series was the seventh game win since 93 years.

More success followed in the AL West in 2004 and 2005. 2004 lost to the Boston Red Sox in the American League with a 0-3 Divisional Series. In 2005, the Angels were able to defend their division title for the first time and successfully eliminated in the playoffs the Yankees in five games. However, sat down in the ALCS Chicago White Sox also in five games by the Angels and missed a place in the World Series in 2005 . Bartolo Colon became the second Angels pitcher to Cy Young Award.

On 2 January 2005, the team at Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim renamed to excel as a larger team the Los Angeles area and to draw attention to the original source. However, against this decision now sued the city leaders of Anaheim, subject, however, and must now accept the new team name.

2006 wanted to be master of the Angels of the American League West Division, but could finish the season with 89 wins and only 73 defeats in second place behind the Oakland Athletics. This year, Tim Salmon played his last season. Its 300th Homerun he could not achieve, and so he did away with 299 home runs for ever the place.

A year later, they could still take the title in 2007 and moved with 94 victories and 68 defeats in the play-offs one, but left there in the Division Series against the Boston Red Sox lost three games out. At the end of the season is the general manager Bill Stoneman stepped down. His job took Tony Reagins .

In 2008, the Angels were the seventh time West Division champion of the American League. Strong as ever they could during the regular season win 100 games – 21 more than second-placed, the Texas Rangers. In the AL Division Series, the Anaheim previously denied as in the year against the Red Sox, they could only win a game.

2009 left the long playing with the Angels pitcher Francisco Rodriguez and the club moved to the New York Mets. Jon Garland went to the Arizona Diamondbacks and Mark Teixeira played now with the New York Yankees. Came from the Yankees Bobby Abreu and Brian Fuentes of the Colorado Rockies to Anaheim. Two bereavement rocked this year the club: On 13 Died January Preston Gomez, the assistant to the general manager, as a result of the injuries he sustained in March 2008, when he was hit by a car. 9 April was killed in a car accident in California pitcher Nick Adenhart. In memory of him, his name was embroidered on the jerseys of the team in the area close to the heart. Despite the misfortunes, the Angels were able to get their eighth West Division title and move into the play-offs. After each time they were defeated by the Red Sox for two years in the Division Series, they made it in 2009, with three wins in a row to beat Boston and move into the AL Championship. There, however, they had to admit defeat against the Yankees (4-2 wins).

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