Major League Baseball

The Major League Baseball (MLB), also briefly Major League Baseball is the organization that match the operation of the two North American Baseball organized professional leagues – the National League and the American League .

League structure
Venues of Major League Baseball

The National League consists of 15 U.S. teams and the American League from 14 U.S. teams and one Canadian team. Both leagues are each divided into three divisions. In the professional sports in the United States , the mechanism of ascent and descent is unknown. The composition of teams in a league and its divisions is fixed and is changed only by the participating organizations as required. This can affect the regional redistribution of teams to divisions or the inclusion of a new team. Some teams are in league history also moved, mostly from the East Coast to another part of the United States, drawing in part also a name change took place.

Currently, there are plans to expand and add two new franchise. On 30 July were announced the following candidates: Charlotte , New York , Portland , Sacramento , San Antonio and Vancouver . Were rejected: Salt Lake City , Oklahoma City , Orlando , Las Vegas , Norfolk and Austin . [1] [2]
Game Mode

The MLB season consists of the Regular Season and Postseason together with the post-season is contested only by the eight most successful teams in the regular season. The winners of the six divisions as well as the best second-placed teams from the two leagues (see wild card ) play after the regular season, a tournament that the World Series ends, the finale of the MLB.
Regular season (regular season)

The regular season begins in late March or early April and ends in late September or early October. Each team denies it 162 games.

Postseason (play-offs)

With the end of the regular season after the first Sunday in October (or the last Sunday in September), ten teams reach the postseason. Six teams as winners of the divisions of both leagues and two teams in each league play each other “wild card” in a game the decision. Participation in these wild-card games is the best statistics of the teams that are not division winners were determined. The winners of the two “wild cards” then take part with the six division winners in a quarter-final with eight teams – the ( American League Division Series and National League Division Series ). In a best-of-five series , the finalists are determined.

The semi-finalists play each against the league rival for the title (Pennant) of the National and American League a best-of-seven series ( American League Championship Series and National League Championship Series ).
World Series
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In October, the winners of the respective leagues make the finals, the World Series. This meeting was first held in 1903 , at that time as best-of-nine series, instead. Today, the World Series will be played in a best-of-seven series.
Inter League games
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Until 1996, teams from the National League and the American could only meet in the World Series since 1997, but there are already in the regular season Interleague games . The designated hitter rule is like this in the World Series in the American League stadiums for both teams for use in National League stadiums contrast for both teams do not.
Differences in rules

The rules of the National League and the American League hardly differ. The main difference is the designated-hitter rule, which allowed it in the American League, in place of the pitcher’s permanent use (pitcher) on the offensive player than a batter who does not have the defensive tasks. When the League National League games will be played according to the rules each, belonging to the host team.

In the 2009 season, an average of 30,300 spectators attended the games of major league in the regular season. The best average attendance had like the Los Angeles Dodgers with 46,440 visitors, tail light were the Oakland Athletics with 17,400 visitors per Match. The total audience was the more than 2,400 season games during the regular season at around 73 million. The average cost in the 2010 season, a $ 26.74 ticket.
MLB Draft
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As in the other North American leagues in hockey, basketball and American football hosted the MLB since 1965 an annual Draft, the MLB Draft , in which the largest junior talent can be selected by MLB teams.
Meaning of Major League Baseball

Similarly, the respective importance of the NBA , NFL and NHL , the Major League is undisputed worldwide as the best for its professional sports league in the world. Ambitious goal of every professional player is a place at a major league team. Only the best players in the non-North American professional leagues can be successful in the major leagues. The most important of these leagues are from East Asia and the Caribbean , they are the Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) in Japan , the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) of South Korea , the Liga Mexicana de Beisbol (LMB) and the Liga Mexicana del Pacífico (LMP) from Mexico , the Professional Baseball League of Puerto Rico (LBPPR) from Puerto Rico , which Venezolana Professional Baseball League (LVBP) from Venezuela , the series Nacional de Béisbol from Cuba , the Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) from Taiwan and the Liga Dominicana de Béisbol Invernal (LIDOM) from the Dominican Republic .

National League and American League have existed since 1876 and in 1899. They were not then in sports, but in business competition and claimed both the status as the top American League. Since the introduction of the World Series (1903), who deny each of the winners of the two leagues, both leagues are considered equivalent and since then operate together as Major Leagues.

When the organizers of the Major Leagues is being given to the internationalization of the league. In addition to the U.S. team take only the Toronto Blue Jays in part (until 2004 also the Montreal Expos , who only fought out some home games in Puerto Rico due to lack of fans in 2003, before they end up in Washington DC were settled).

Since 2001 individual games from publicity reasons are already held in Mexico or Japan. Thus was the first game of for example 2008 MLB season in Tokyo instead. The extension of this promotion to Europe is being considered.

In the long run more teams to participate in the game outside of the United States operating the Major Leagues. Mexico City is considered the most promising candidate. The international division of the MLB, Major League Baseball International (MLBI) support, youth programs worldwide to promote the baseball sport. In Germany, these programs are carried out successfully since 1996 and come under the title “Play Ball!” On. In March 2006, the first time was an international tournament with the participation of the MLB professional players World Baseball Classic , discharged. European participants in 2006 and 2009, the Netherlands and Italy. The third tournament in 2013, Spain also still joined as European representatives.

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