Martinus Muskens

Martinus Petrus Maria Muskens (even Tiny Muskens, * December 11 1935 in Elshout , † April 17 2013 in Tete rings ) was Bishop of Breda.


Martinus Muskens was on 16 June 1962 to the priests of the diocese of ‘s-Hertogenbosch consecrated . He studied theology in Nijmegen and was on 23 July 1994 by Pope John Paul II appointed Bishop of Breda appointed. The Episcopal Ordination donated him the emeritus bishop of Breda, Hubertus Ernst , 26 November of the same year, co-consecrators were Leo Soekoto SJ , Archbishop of Jakarta , and Peter Turkson , Archbishop of Cape Coast . His motto was Shalom. The two co-consecrators tribute to his international experience, was for many years one of his bishop in Jakarta, the other he had known as a student in Rome.

On 31 October 2007, Pope Benedict XVI. conditional resignation to his health.

Muskens was the first of the current nine bishops Breda, who was not born in the same diocese, where he had never studied or worked. Many years abroad, including in Indonesia and Rome as well as many world travel meant that he in the Netherlands was a fairly unknown. From 1978 to 1994 he was rector of the Pontifical College Olandese in Rome, where at present hardly any Dutch, but many Asian and African studied student priests. Meanwhile, he made ​​close to St. Peter’s charming medieval church of the Frisians to a thriving community of Dutch inhabitants of Rome and pilgrims of the “Eternal City”.

The then unknown bishop quickly made a name because he was active in the social field. Would Muskens famous for his testimony in the VPRO television that a poor man who had no more opportunities to buy something, not wrong RELATES when stealing a loaf of bread at the bakery. The rolls of Muskens was a saying in the Netherlands. The angry leader of the liberal party VVD , Frits Bolkestein , defended the middle class , was the bishop attending a public reprimand and walked away without waiting for the answer of the bishop.

Muskens had with homeless under the bridges of Amsterdam slept, he sat as a volunteer in a nursing home, also made ​​himself no friends among his Mitbischöfen when used for condoms instead AIDS pleaded. At 150 Birthday of the diocese in 2003 would announce a fundraiser for Synod of the Diocese Bishop. Rome was made the bishop clear that this is but maybe not such a good idea. The very well known in Vatican circles Muskens understood what was meant: no synod.

Many years in Indonesia Muskens had already long been convinced that inter-religious dialogue between Christians and Muslims was necessary. To call God Allah is not a problem for him. Was nevertheless a fruitful dialogue not seriously possible, he said, as long as Saudi Arabia , the building of churches still forbids. [1]
Brother Martinus

The bishop was always very active in 2001 by two strokes taken. He recovered after several treatments , but there was no mention of an improvement. Even he consecrated his successor Hans van den Hende bishop. He retired as “Brother Martin” ( oblate ) when the Benedictines in Tete rings. The municipality Breda 2009 made ​​him an honorary citizen of the city.

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