Minnesota Twins

The Minnesota Twins are a Major League Baseball team from Minneapolis , Minnesota . They play in the Central Division of the American League . The team is owned by the Minnesota-based businessman Jim Pohlad , who in January 2009 took over the business after the death of his father, Carl Pohlad including the Twins. Their home games wearing the Twins 2010 at Target Field in Minneapolis.

As Kansas City Blues in 1894, the team in 1900 moved to Washington, DC to and became the Washington Senators until they relocated to Minneapolis in 1961 and adopted its present name. In addition to three World Series titles (1924, 1987 , 1991 ), they were six times best team in the American League (last time in 1991) and won ten division titles (last in 2010 ).


The name “Minnesota Twins” instead of “Minneapolis” where the team actually plays stems from the fact that the team intends to use the two twin cities (English: “twin cities”) Minneapolis and St. Paul (and thereby the entire American state of Minnesota) to represent. The name “Twins” is derived from the “Twin Cities” from (Minneapolis and St. Paul are only by the Mississippi River separated). This is symbolized in the form of the stylized logo letters “TC” (T win C ITIES) on the home baseball caps.

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