Phoenix (Arizona)

Phoenix is the capital and the city more populous the state American from Arizona . It is the seat of Maricopa County .

The city was built on the site of ancient indigenous irrigation canals. These were used to irrigate the area and develop local agriculture. The city gained new impetus during the Second World War , after the installation of air bases in the area.


The first inhabitants of the region where Phoenix is located were Indians Hohokam . They built canals to make the region arable. These channels bring water from the Salt River , which is in the state a little further south. Initially the territory of Arizona was the domain of the Spanish Empire , which virtually wiped out the indigenous inhabitants of the region. The city began to take hold in 1860, when the U.S. government built Fort McDowell – a fort in the vicinity of where Phoenix is ​​today. To fill such a strong, Jack Swilling, who came along with troops to the region, built a ranch. With the reconstruction of Hohokam canals, the region became deserted harbor a strong production of wheat especially. Thus was founded a village. The city had a more significant development from the end of the nineteenth century , when its importance as a path to the prosperous West, the state of California receives a large amount of products and services, as well as the arrival of the first railroad in this region, that occurs at the same time.
Overview of Phoenix

Phoenix is ​​located in central Arizona, one of the driest desert and this state. It is right in the middle of the Sonoran Desert .

The metropolitan area includes the cities of Mesa , Scottsdale , Glendale , Tempe , Chandler , Gilbert , Peoria , and other smaller communities like Goodyear , Fountain Hills , Litchfield Park , and Anthem . The Phoenix metropolitan area has about 4.2 million inhabitants. This region borders on the McDowell Mountains to the northeast, with the White Tank Mountains to the west, with mountains Superstition east and Sierra Estrella to the southwest. The city has an area of 1341 km ², of which 3 km ² is covered by water [1] .

Phoenix has an arid climate with very hot summers and mild winters. Located in the Sonoran Desert , at a low altitude and surrounded by high mountains, the city experiences extremely hot summers, where we have an average minimum of 27 ° C and average maximum of 41 ° C, the highest temperature recorded was 50 ° C in June 1990 .

Rainfall is scarce during most of the summer , but the flow of moisture from the monsoon , which usually begins in early July and lasts until mid-September, raises humidity levels and can cause high rainfall and localized flooding.

Months of winter cold are mild, with maximum daily between 18 ° C and 22 ° C, and minimum temperatures seldom below 4 ° C. The lowest temperature recorded in the city was in January 1913 , about -9 ° C. Snow is extremely rare in the region, recorded only a few times. For the first time officially in 1896, about 0.25 cm of accumulated snow. The largest snowstorm on 20/01/1937 – 21/01/1937, when 2.5 cm to 10 cm fell in parts of the city and took about four days to completely melt.


It has a population of 1,445,632 inhabitants according to the national census of 2010 [1] , with over 4.1 million inhabitants in its metropolitan area . It is the center of an important agricultural and industrial region, in particular the aerospace industry . Phoenix is the sixth largest city in the United States . Its metropolitan area is the 14th of the United States , being the largest in Arizona . Phoenix is ​​also the most populous U.S. state capital, and the third largest in the U.S. capital area. The city has approximately 1341 km ². The metropolitan city has the eighth largest population growth in the country. The city has 590 149 households, resulting in a density of 440.99 dwellings / km ².

After the arrival of the railway , the town began to develop and become a major hub for services in the western United States. Industrial activity also expanded rapidly, the city today is a center of concentration, especially in aerospace and high technology.

The city is served by the Phoenix International Airport , also known as Sky Harbor International Airport. The airport is located about 4.8 km from the center of Phoenix Financial. It is a major center of operations of U.S. airlines Southwest Airlines and U.S. Airways . In December 2008, inaugurated the urban metro network, with 32 stations and a length of about 32.2 km. Light Rail, is known as the Metro, is operated by Valley Metro.

Phoenix is ​​home to several sports franchises, including representatives of Arizona in the big leagues. These are the teams basketball Phoenix Suns ( NBA ) and Phoenix Mercury ( WNBA ), and the Baseball Arizona Diamondbacks ( MLB ). The team football Arizona Cardinals ( NFL ) and the ice hockey Phoenix Coyotes ( NHL ) play in a nearby town, Glendale . It also has one of the race tracks of NASCAR , the Phoenix International Raceway . In 2012, the Phoenix won a franchise of football , called Phoenix City FC ( USL Pro ), playing from 2013.
Twin Cities

Phoenix, Arizona, has ten sister cities ( twinning ), as designated by Sister Cities Committee of Phoenix:

Republic of China – Taipei ( Taiwan )
Brazil – Maceió ( Alagoas , Brazil )
Canada – Calgary ( Alberta , Canada )
Italy – Catania ( Sicily , Italy )
– Chengdu ( China )
Ireland – Ennis ( Ireland )
France – Grenoble ( Rhône-Alpes , France )

Mexico – Hermosillo ( Sonora , Mexico )
Japan – Himeji ( Hyogo , Japan )
Czech – Prague ( Czech Republic )

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