San Diego

San Diego is the second most populous city of the state American from California and the eighth most populous in the United States . Located in San Diego County , which is headquartered . Situated on the shores of the bay of the same name, on the coast of the Pacific Ocean . Mountains surround the area east of the city, and beyond the mountains are desert areas.


San Diego was founded in 1769 under the name San Diego de Alcalá in honor of the saint namesake, the first mission and strong Spanish in Alta California. Passed to the sovereignty Mexico in 1822 and the United States in 1846 . The railroad in 1884 and the establishment of a naval base during World War I contributed to the growth of the city. The main sources of income for the city is the manufacturing and tourism .
Monument to Cabrillo in Point Loma .

The main sights of the city are its beaches , the Gaslamp Quarter, the historic center of the city, Balboa Park and the world famous SeaWorld and the San Diego Zoo .

The area where San Diego is currently located was originally inhabited by native tribe Kumeyaay . The first European to visit the area was the explorer Portuguese João Rodrigues Cabrillo , who won the Bay to Spain in 1542. The place was named “San Miguel de Cabrilho.” On November 12th of 1602 , Don Sebastián de Viscaíno came with his team on the day of San Diego de Alcala and celebrated Mass in honor of the saint. By coincidence, the boat Viscaíno was called “San Diego.” He then renamed the place as “San Diego” (in Portuguese : San Diego) in honor of the saint of the century XIIIV .

According to the United States Census Bureau , the city has an area of 964.5 km ² , where 842.2 km ² are covered by land and 122.3 km ² by water [1] .
Mission Boulevard in San Diego.

The temperatures do not differ significantly between the winter (average 15 ° C ) and summer (22 ° C), the city’s proximity to the Pacific Ocean is the main factor responsible for this. In the summer the temperature variation is smaller, with the average maximum being 25 ° C and the average minimum temperature of 19 ° C. In winter, the range is from 19 ° C to 10 ° C. The highest temperature ever recorded in the city was 44 ° C, include other extreme 42 ° C in October 1961 and 38 ° C in June and July. In winter, although temperatures rarely fall down to 5 ° C. The lowest temperature ever recorded in the city was -2 ° C, recorded in January and February 1949 .

The rate of precipitation average annual rainfall in San Diego is 26.2 cm. The city recorded a period of drought in the summer, and July, the driest month of the city, no or minimal rainfall records. The dry season extends from April to October, this time it has not rained more than 5 cm, with January the wettest month in the city, registering an average annual 5.8 cm. The wet season extends from the city between January and March, a period that registers an average annual 16.7 cm. Between November and December are recorded 6 cm of annual rainfall.


According to the national census of 2010 [1] , its population is 1,307,402 inhabitants and its population density is 1 552.29 inhabitants / km ². It has more than 3 million inhabitants in its metropolitan area , which increases to 4.3 million when the metropolitan area of Tijuana , Mexico is considered. It is the most populous city in San Diego County. It has 516 033 households, resulting in a density of 612.69 dwellings / km ².
Financial center of San Diego at night.

Economic diversification of San Diego has promoted its rapid development, especially from the 80s of XX century , when the city underwent a revitalization, with changes in the morphology and architecture , having been expanded to Horton Plaza and its restored buildings. San Diego is concentrated in the largest fishing fleet in the Pacific , with the city still regarded as a center of commerce, industry and agriculture of Southern California. The main industries are the aerospace and electronic equipment, print materials, machinery, metal products, furniture and chemicals. On the outskirts of the city of San Diego there are military installations and a naval training base that constitute an important contribution to the city’s economy.

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