San Jose (California)

St. Joseph (in English : San Jose and in Spanish : San José) is the third most populous city of the state American from California , behind Los Angeles and San Diego and the tenth most populous of the United States . Located in Santa Clara County , which is headquartered .

On April 3 of 1979 , the municipal council of San Jose city officially adopted as the official script of the city. However, San Jose is still widely used in the city. It was the first city in the colony Spanish Nueva California. It was founded in 1777 as a farming community, to provide food for military installations located in the region, and incorporated on March 27 of 1850.


According to the United States Census Bureau , the city has an area of 466.1 km ² , where 457.2 km ² are covered by land and 8.9 km ² of water.


The city is located in South San Francisco Bay , in the Silicon Valley , and is the most populous city in the Bay Area of San Francisco and Santa Clara County. According to the national census of 2010 , the city has 945,942 inhabitants and density of 2 068,94 inhabitants / km ² [3] , surpassing the population of San Francisco in 1989 .

San Jose is the third most populous city in the state , behind only Los Angeles and San Diego and the tenth most populous U.S. . All this information is valid only for the city itself. Its metropolitan area has a population of 1,975,342 inhabitants.

The city has 314 038 households, resulting in a density of 686.86 dwellings / km ².
Sister Cities

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