Tampa Bay Rays

The Tampa Bay Rays are an American baseball team. They play in the Eastern Division of the American League .

The franchise founded in 1998, is headquartered in St. Petersburg in Florida , the original name was to 2007 Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Their home games wearing the Rays since its founding in Tropicana Field from. After a long series of failures, the Rays have established and could both 2008 and 2010 to intervene in the fight for the league and World Series titles. In the 2011 they were called as a wild-card team in the postseason .

1998 to the 2007 (Devil Rays)
Rocco Baldelli in the Devil Rays outfit

In the relatively short history club were the former Devil Rays first to last place in their division, the American League East, subscribed. The negative peak was the 2002 season with a score of 55 victories against 106 defeats; positive “highlight” of the fourth division place 2004 with a score of 70-91.

Carl Crawford , who since 2002 in the outfield for the expansion team from Florida plays, was at this time in spite of the failures of the team to the driving force of the franchise. A consistent putting on the youth was facilitated by the Rays season because of poor results in the exact sense of the draft were given access to the best talent system. Following Erstrundenwahlen (top picks) made ​​it to the regular player for the Rays:

Rocco Baldelli (2000, a total of 6 players of the draft), outfield in the MLB for the Rays from 2003 to 2008
BJ Upton (2002, No. 2), outfield, since 2004
Delmon Young (2003, No. 1), outfield, 2006-2007
Jeff Niemann (2004, No. 4), Pitcher , since 2008
Evan Longoria (2006, No. 3), third base, since 2008
David Price (2007, No. 1), pitcher since 2008

In addition, as more players were also reasons of money committed as stars who had already passed the zenith of her career, Wade Boggs .

On the manager’s position could neither Larry Rothschild (1998-2001) nor the well-traveled as a player and coach Lou Piniella critical impetus for this period (2003-2005). Since 2006, Joe Maddon, manager of the Rays.
Since 2008: Restart the Rays
“Raymond”, the mascot of the Rays.

Despite the many good young prospects, who were in the Rays farm system, first successes were only in the 2008 season recorded. After renaming the team surprisingly won his division against the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees and reached for the first time in its history, the post-season. Equal in their first play-off participation, the Rays won over the Chicago White Sox (3-1 in the Division Series ) and the Boston Red Sox (4:3 in the League Series ) their first Pennant , so the championship of the American League . In the World Series in 2008 , the team finally was defeated, 1-4 against the Philadelphia Phillies . For the success of this year especially the regulars were Evan Longoria , the rookie of the year, Carlos Pena , BJ Upton and Akinori Iwamura responsible, while accustomed to success, Crawford has been plagued by injuries and could deny only 109 games.
2009 season
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In the 2009 season, the Rays did not continue to the same extent on the success of 2008. Until the end of August, existing chances of reaching the play-offs but were clear with a playful 11 ​​games lasting losing streak. Overall, they achieved only the second time a positive overall balance with 84 victories against 78 defeats and thus finished third in their division. While Crawford was able to build on past successes again, Iwamura and Peña fell by injuries from long each. Exceptional were against this season with their respective best career year Jason Bartlett (.320 AVG ) and the versatile Ben Zobrist , who started at five different positions (.297 AVG, 27 home runs ).
2010 season
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In the past season in October, the Rays showed outstanding performance at the start and led the AL East Division from 22 April for a long time, in the meantime with 5.5 games ahead. In by far the best ever start to a season for the Rays followed by constant performance, in a head-to-head race with the New York Yankees to the leadership of the division resulted place.

With five games left in the season the collection was recorded in the post-season, on the final day, the Rays secured the second time winning the East Division. In the first round of the postseason, the American League Division Series in 2010 , they then failed in the decisive fifth game to the Texas Rangers . Overall, this meant that the Rays second best season ever (since 2008).
2011 season
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The owner of the team, Stuart Sternberg , already a significant cut in player salaries announced in the course of the 2010 season. [1] . After the 2010 season, according to several key players left part during the free agent system, the team [2] . Among these, in particular Carl Crawford as the long-time face of the franchise and Carlos Peña or the pitcher Matt Garza to call, the first of the 2010 no-hitter for the Rays managed. This rejuvenation of the team is paralleled by the change from veterans like Johnny Damon and Manny Ramirez [3] .

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