The Blue Planet (aquarium)

The Blue Planet is an exhibition aquarium located in Kastrup in Taarnby on East Amager . It was inaugurated by Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik the 21st March 2013 [2] and opened to the public on 22nd March 2013th.


Plans for the 10,000 sqm. large and 630 million. £ expensive new buildings facing the Sound was published in June 2007 . [3]

The Blue Planet is divided into a number of areas, the largest of which is made ​​up of Oceaniet, Amazon – The sunken forest, coral reef and Africa Lakes. The plant contains 20,000 animals – of which 17,000 newly purchased – by 450 different species and was at the opening of Northern Europe ‘s largest. There are a total of 53 tanks with a total of 7 million. liters of water which Ocean tank contains only 4 million. liter of water. The largest fish are hammer sharks , there are more than 3 meters long when fully grown approx. in 2023 . [4] [5]

The plant was designed by the Danish architectural firm 3XN , which is also behind Bella Sky in Ørestad . The architecture is inspired by a vortex and is a distinctive landmark seen from the air. The building is surrounded by high reflecting pools and covered with small diamond-shaped aluminum panels that look like fish scales. House liquid geometry is made ​​possible by a digitized design and construction process. [6]
The old aquarium

The original aquarium was an exhibition tank located at Charlottenlund Palace in Charlottenlund , Zealand .

The aquarium was designed by CO Gjerløv-Knudsen , opened in 1939 and was founded by fish and behavioral biologist Mogens Højgaard ( 1906 – 1965 ) and his father, a civil engineer Knud Højgaard , which financed the construction. The aquarium listed in the functionalist style has all year been run by a foundation that does not receive any public funding. Denmark’s Aquarium has all the years much emphasis on dissemination and research, which has positioned it internationally.

The aquarium was over 3,000 fish and invertebrates by 70 aquariums with over 80,000 liters of water.

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