The Bunny Game

The Bunny Game is an American independent film by Adam Rehmeier from the year 2010. The performance in the black twisted experimental horror film with real scenes of violence was the British Board of Film Classification banned.

The drug-addicted prostitute Sasha Grey lives in the street line of Hollywood and can do everything with it. After a suitor is raped and robbed, she goes to the Hog truck driver who makes a nice first impression. But this stunning them with chloroform and chained them in his truck. In a remote part of the desert raped and tortured for several days he. He sniffs glue and always wears delusional intimate trains. Among other branded it the young woman before her and leads a video of another victim that he suffocated with a bag at the end. The highlight is the “Bunny Game” (German for “bunny” game), in which he incited the strong emaciated woman dressed as a bunny through the desert while he wears a pig mask. At the end he gives the woman next to Jonas, who puts her naked in his van.

Adam Rehmeier described the creative process in the making-as a years-long process. Already in 2006, he wanted to make a similar film. Originally, Greg Gilmore provided as the protagonist. But when it became clear that Rodleen Getsic , the partner of Adam Rehmeier would assume the lead role, changed the orientation of the film. Getsic, musician, model and actress, had had a similar experience in her youth and wanted to play the scenes necessarily real. Gilmore went too far and he took the distance from the project. However, he shall end in a brief supporting role as a Jonas. [1]

Rehmeier hired Jeff R. Renfro, who in real life is actually a truck driver. He also played with Drettie Page another actress who was also willing to cut my hair and let brand itself. To play the role of realistic, fasted forty days Getsic. In the meantime, created a script that consisted of only a few instructions, which included a rough timetable. It was decided with a camera and turn the whole thing so real as possible. Similar to the BDSM they arranged one SafeWord and started as the exterior shots in Los Angeles to turn. Then they tried to shoot in the desert, which failed, however, because it was feared that the police could keep the events for real. Was then rotated at a scrap yard in Los Angeles. Overall, the rotation lasted eleven days. [2]

The film was first shown at various film festivals and was released in the U.S. on 31 July 2012 on Blu-Ray and DVD. In the United Kingdom refused to film the BBFC classification authority, the film released, so the film is viewed as illegal. [3] The German version was published on 15 June 2012 in Austria by the label Illusions Unltd published. The limited edition of 2,000 pieces Mediabook with Blu-ray and DVD also contains a 32-page booklet with background information. As extras were one making-of and a 12-minute music video of Rodleen Gestic accompanied the two image sources. The film was released in Austria unaudited and is not available in Germany. [4]

The director John Carpenter praised the film as raw and realistic. Although there were a few places a little too slow and the film would exceed some limits, but as a whole the film was very impressive. He would be in line with other cross-border movies like Human Centipede , A Serbian Film or Salo see and nothing for the common movie buff. [5]

Other critics, however describe the film as a little visionary, but rather backward-looking:

“The first half hour is quite successful with their drab, underlain by hard guitar music images from the curb. Later works here and there a collage, but just in the last third, it is simply exhausting when Shakycam and quick cuts mean still want Insult to Injury – the desired, in-the-nightmare-getting involved ‘do not want the audience is kicked out sooner. ”

– Alex Klotz: Hard Sensations [6]

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