Toronto Blue Jays

The Toronto Blue Jays are a Canadian Major League – Baseball team. They play in the Eastern Division of the American League . Their home games they played in the Rogers Centre (until 2005 known as SkyDome) in Toronto , Ontario from. Since the relocation of the Montreal Expos to Washington, DC in 2005, they are the only remaining non-American team in the Major Leagues. The players wear a stylized blue jay (blue jay) on their jerseys and caps.

Founding to 1993

With the foundation in 1977, the Blue Jays were not the second American team (in addition to the Montreal Expos) in the MLB. The first year, the team placed only on the last division courses (then divided into two parts, East and West) until 1983, the first season with a positive result (more wins than losses) has been reached. After a second place in 1984, the first highlight of 1985 was set to a divisional title, but the finale went for the win in the American League with 3:4 against the subsequent World Series winner Kansas City Royals lost. Over the next three years only notable successes, but no post-season-places were achieved. As General Manager (similar to a club president) served from 1978 to 1994 Pat Gillick.

1989, there was so much that once again the East Division was won again, the team wore their games since June 1989 in the newly built SkyDome (now Rogers Centre) from. Against the Oakland Athletics but was again lost the AL Championship Series (1:4). Placed second in 1990, the most successful period of the Blue Jays followed in the next three years at all. In 1991, the third division title was achieved with a record of 91 wins and 71 defeats, but again lost the AL-final with 1:4 (against successful in the World Series Minnesota Twins .

Including through the enticement of the pitcher Jack Morris of the Twins, the Blue Jays in 1992 strengthened further so that it was not enough just to second division win in a row, but also to the first AL and even World Series titles. Against the Oakland Athletics was the ALCS with a 4-2 win. In the 1992 World Series against the team that eventually kept Atlanta Braves 4-2 on top. The decision was made ​​in a hard-fought sixth game in Atlanta that the Braves in the ninth (last regular) inning still were able to make 2-2, but then lost in the second extra round with 3:4.

In the 1993 World Series title this could be defended, what makes the Blue Jays in the American League’s most successful since the 1970s, the newly added teams (expansion franchises). Newly joined the team this season Paul Molitor as a designated hitter, and during the current season Rickey Henderson , both future Hall of Fame members. After a win in the ALCS over the Chicago White Sox (4-2) was charged with the same results against the Philadelphia Phillies , the second World Series title won. Particularly memorable was the fourth game of the World Series, which the Blue Jays were able to decide for itself 15-14. The victory in the sixth game should the date last postseason game the Blue Jays ever be.


1994 to today

In 1994 broken by a player strike season the Blue Jays fell despite great expectations to a third place in the now reduced from seven to five teams back East Division (55 wins, 60 defeats). The obligation of the star pitcher Roger Clemens in 1997, the two years in succession, the Triple Crown was won, prevent moderate to poor record in the years 1995 to 1998. Behind the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox, the Blue Jays went well from then afterwards.

The last moderate success was achieved in 2006 with a second place in the East Division, but this was not enough to win the Wild Card. Even in the years after the post-season could not be reached. 2010 also ended the second term of Cito Gaston as manager of the Blue Jays, who determined the fate of the team from 1989 to 1997 and from 2008 to 2010. As his successor, the Blue Jays designated on 25 October 2010 John Farrell, the former pitching coach of the Boston Red Sox.

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