Tree House (Hamburg)

The so-called tree house in Hamburg harbor , also called “low tree house”, built in 1662, was a customs, markets, concerts and tavern in the center of Hamburg . Certain almost 200 years the Harbour pictured in Hamburg and was canceled in 1857.

View of the tree house is opposite the log house (about 1824)

In 1662 the Council of the City of Hamburg, on the corner decided Baumwall Kehrwiederspitze – - and Steinhöft to build a multi-purpose building to be the growing port traffic master. The construction contract was awarded to the architect Hans Hamelau , who had 1655 (1853 canceled) so-called “log cabin” built to defend the harbor, which faced the tree house in the same. Hans Hamelau traveled on behalf of the Hamburg Council of Holland to examine similar buildings, and brought several sketches and suggestions.

The name refers to the tree house historic use of the building – it served as the port warden office desk. With a large tree in the night he locked the entrance to the inner harbor. This heralded a bell on the roof of the building. The three storey building was well as customs – and Akzisestelle and used as a public house and concert hall. Even as Schifferbörse, so as the house where freight business of the boatmen were settled, it was used. From the upstairs gallery was, according to contemporaries, a wonderful view of Hamburg and the harbor. According to official plans of the “Bureau survey” of 1830, it had a width of 41 feet (11.75 m) and a length of 78 feet 9 inches (22.57 m). The entrance was located on the northern narrow side.
Plan of the Hamburg harbor low to 1813. In the middle of the tree house is located.

The house has evolved over the years, not least due to its good outlook, the license forbids serving different varieties of beer, which had only a few pubs, and good entertainment to a well-liked restaurant. Here also weddings, christenings and other celebrations were aligned.

The tree house also served as a dock for the boat transport to Hamburg and downriver. How about holding the lawyer Ferdinand Beneke in February 1796 in Hamburg collection with the words: “There she lay before me, my future home town, in all its splendor Venetian [...]. What a sight when we ship vorbeyfuhren the countless rows, looked at the throng of this cosmopolitan city water, The various languages ​​heard [...]. We drove through the port. Place beym to tree house. I jump ashore – Republican floor! My Country! ”

Also the Frachtewer with milk and vegetables from the Old Country and the Vierlanden put on the tree house and a water staircase reached Hamburg territory.
View from the gallery of the tree house on the city of Hamburg

Among the famous guests of the treehouse to Johann Gottfried Herder , Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock and Lessing have been counted.

Alfred Lichtwark called the tree house as “a magnificent piece of architecture conveniently without superfluous ornament and especially appealing out of the roof structure, a pavilion, not fake, but had outgrown.”
Use as a concert hall

The largest room in the treehouse was the banquet hall on the first Floor, which had a volume of 568 cubic meters and a footprint of 106 square meters and about 200 people offered.

In the ballroom of the tree house organized composer Georg Philipp Telemann after taking office as a church music director from 1722 public concerts. The Upper Old Town of Hamburg complained then on 17 July 1722 that he had “abermahls before money” in a “public host home” – the tree house was meant -. “Musicians”, and they tried to ban “like anreitzender to lust Games” to obtain [1] but Telemann settled it undeterred and in the ballroom were heard in the aftermath of his other works, such as the premiere of Telemann’s music Admiralty ( TWV 24:1) on 6 April 1723 [2] or the 19 January 1765 where it was first played Festive Serenata “Sey of us with wide eyes” (TWV 24:4) for the centenary of the Hamburg Commercial Deputation ( Chamber of Commerce ). [3]
French domination, William Turner and the great Fire of Hamburg
The tree house in 1835 from William Turner’s sketchbook, left the tower of Michel

In the period 1811-1814, when Hamburg was occupied French, the entire ground floor of the French were customs administration and the upper floors as barracks used. In his travels through Europe , the English sketched painter William Turner , the tree house in 1835 with the St. Michael’s Church . The Great Fire of Hamburg from 1842 the house stood unscathed.
In 1838, use and demolition
View of the tree house around 1848 on an early photograph

On 18 March 1838 addressed the Altona entrepreneurs JL Schmidt on the roof of a station of Hamburg optical telegraph a. On the route between Hamburg and Altona and about 120 kilometers away Ritzebüttel Cuxhaven-six intermediate stations were selected and appropriate, elevated locations with semaphores (signal pivoting arms) have been fitted. Termini of the line were the hotel “Belvedere” in Hamburg and Cuxhaven in the tree house.

Also housed in this time, the upper floor is the first hamburger photo studio of Hermann Biow .

To widen the harbor entrance to the inner harbor of Hamburg Council decided to demolish the tree house. Therefore, it was on 16 February 1857 the lease of the host terminated by the Finance Department and the house sold for 5,000 marks to the JLF Röseler demolition contractor to demolish it.

The land was not cultivated again – behind him were from 1908 Slomanhaus and left of it from 1911, the metro station “tree wall” erected.

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