Umayyad Mosque (Aleppo)

The Umayyad Mosque ( Arabic الجامع الأموي, DMG ǧāmi al-ʿ al-ʾ Umawi) of Aleppo is Syria’s Friday Mosque , on the Umayyad – Caliph al-Walid I or Sulayman back. Around the year 715 erected as a second mosque in the city, it is about ten years younger than the non more famous Umayyad Mosque of Damascus .

The mosque was built on the spot where by then the ancient Agora was. Opposite her was long the Emperor Justinian built (on a Roman temple) St. Helena Cathedral, which in the 12th First century into a mosque and then into the Madrasa al-Halawiya was converted.

Unlike her sister in the great capital, was north of the Suq main street lying Mosque of Aleppo transformed during its turbulent history often and extensively, which usually with earthquake, fire or other disasters, such as the Mongol invasion was related by 1260th Thus, in the now to be seen complex almost nothing comes from the early Islamic period, the oldest part is that in its current form to the Seljuk Turks (late 11th century) declining, around 45 meters high minaret on the north west corner. [2] The remainder was after a fire in 1169 by the Zengids Nur ad-Din Mahmud restored and the Ayyubid and Mamluk could make further modifications.

In the large courtyard ( sahn ) of the mosque, whose black-and-white geometric patterns paving forms, there are two cleaning wells , inside a minbar from the 15th Century and a shrine, which supposedly the remains of the Islamic prophet Zechariah (Zakariya), the father of John the Baptist contains.

The Umayyad Mosque Aleppo to 2005 was completely renovated over several years.

In 2013, the mosque was in the course of the fighting in the ongoing Syrian civil war heavily damaged. On 24 April reported the state news agency that the minaret of the mosque is collapsed. The government and the rebels accuse each other of responsibility for the destruction.

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