Venezuela Presidential Elections 2013

The presidential election of Venezuela for the period 2 013 – 2 019 will be the electoral process after the death of President-elect before Hugo Chavez , who according to the Constitution must be made ​​within 30 days following the death of President. Elections will be held on Sunday April 14th of 2013 .

The citizen who is elected this election is complete the constitutional period 2013-2019 started January 10 this year.

The National Electoral Council , the highest body of the electoral authority constitutionally responsible for the development of all electoral processes in Venezuela, officially called the process the March 9, 2013.

The major coalitions contesting the election were the Great Patriotic Pole (GPP), which supports the election of Nicolas Maduro , appointed by Hugo Chavez in case of presidential elections he not sworn by any eventuality (in this case his death) and the Democratic Unity Table (MUD), which is represented by Henrique Capriles , candidate for the last election , and besides having been elected in primaries of the MUD on February 12 of 2012 .


The nominations process was conducted on 10 and 11 March, before the National Electoral Council (CNE). He received the nomination of eight candidates and finally admitted seven nominations.
Great Patriotic Pole

The Great Patriotic Pole (GPP) supports the election of Nicolas Maduro Moros , Current Acting President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela .
Democratic Unity Table

The Democratic Unity Table (MUD) is represented by Henrique Capriles , former presidential candidate of the same coalition for the last elections .
Other candidates

Queen Sequera , unionist and former presidential candidate of the political organization Power Laboring (PL).
Marie Bolivar , a lawyer and owner of the bakery “Mayami” in Zulia state and candidate for the United Democratic Party for Peace and Freedom (PDUPL).
Eusebio Mendez , Christian pastor to be the bearer of political organization New Vision for My Country (NUVIPA).
Julio Mora , nominated by the Democratic Unity Party (UDEMO).

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